AV/Technical Services Pricing for Student Events

Below is a summary of pricing for technical services utilized at student events. Check out our S.A.V.E. program to learn how you can save on technical services costs for your future meetings.

Student Events in Lerner Hall

There is no equipment fee for student events held in Lerner Hall. Technician labor fees do apply, as follows:

  • All events require a minimum of a one hour set up time and a one hour strike time.
  • Small events that only require one hour of set up and strike time cost $39.00.
  • Large events that require a technician beyond set up and strike are billed at $25/hour, per technician.

Technical Services will determine the scale of your event and corresponding charges, based on the needs outlined in the service request.

Student Events Outside of Lerner Hall

Students are responsible for equipment and technician labor fees for all events held outside of Lerner Hall. Email Technical Services at [email protected] for pricing.