Event Setup & Additional Services

In addition to our other services, our team can help you with event setup tasks to ensure that your final presentation exceeds your expectations.

Sometimes it’s the little details that help make your event a huge success.

The Event Management team can coordinate additional services and make vendor recommendations when planning your event logistics. If you are holding an event in your own venue, but need additional services, we can help there too. Some of the ways we can assist are:

To accommodate the personal belongings of your guests, our team can set up a coat check for your event. Your event planner will work with you to determine the most appropriate location for the coat check, based on your event entrance and location.

Due to weather conditions, a coat check is recommended for all events held October through March.

Coat Check Fees

Each coat check must be staffed by 1 attendant for every 100 guests. The coat check and attendant fees vary by venue. Speak with your event planner about your needs and they will provide you with pricing for your venue.

Some events call for chairs and tables. Others need pink carpeting and lounge sofas. We can do both. Furniture options vary by venue. Your event planner will work with you to understand your needs and guide you through the process of choosing furniture that meets your event theme and budget.

Linens are available for use at events held in our venues, as well as events held in other campus spaces. Standard polyester linens are available in white or an assortment of other basic colors. Table skirts are available in Columbia blue, white or black. Specialty linens in unique colors or different fabrics and textures can be ordered through your event planner.

Should you or vendors/participants of your event need to ship materials in advance of the event, there must be an appropriate Event Management shipping label attached on all packages. Details of the delivery must be communicated with our team in advance of the shipment.

Shipment of less than 15 boxes will be free of charge if received within 24 hours of your event. If shipment is received more than 24 hours in advance of your event there will be a handling fee of $5 a box. 15 or more boxes of shipment require booking the coat check storage room at a rate of $250/day.

Materials can be sent to:

NEW YORK, NY 10027

Each package must include an Event Management label which can be downloaded here.

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to schedule pick-ups for all boxes and materials for the next business day following the completion of your event. Boxes left for more than 24 hours are subject to the above outlined charges. Boxes and materials that are left for more than 72 hours after the event has ended will be discarded.

We can help with all those little special touches that make your event run smoothly and stay in your guests' memories, including everything from notepads and pens, to mints and snacks, to other special touches. Just let your event planner know what you'd like and we can help you come up with great options.

Water service is available for events held in our venues, as well as events held in other campus spaces. Choose from still and sparkling bottled water or filtered water served in glass pitchers. Ice and cups are provided with all orders.