Access and Security

The nature of your event - from size and attendees to topic and format - may necessitate entry security, crowd management, or other logistical support from Columbia University Public Safety. 

Effective Planning Produces Successful Events

Whether your event involves just a few dozen people, hundreds of attendees, or crowds into the thousands, Event Management will work closely with you and partners in Columbia University Public Safety to assess program logistics and ensure a safe and smooth event.

    Depending upon the nature of your event, Public Safety may suggestion considerations for your event plan, recommend staffing to support your event at the entrances and other access points, or provide appropriate back up to your event staff during the program itself.

    Criteria to consider when planning and coordinating with Public Safety:

    • Event sponsor or co-sponsor
    • Logistics including date, time, and venue
    • Event topic, speakers or performers
    • Outside interest in event, including press
    • Audience size and make-up
    • Presence of alcohol