Other Columbia Venues

More Great Spaces Across Our Campuses

The following venues are not managed by the Event Management team, but are offered through other Columbia University schools or departments. Contact details for information and booking are provided for each.

Butler Library
Butler Library

An iconic landmark nestled on Columbia University's Upper Manhattan Campus, Butler Library boasts three rooms offering seating arrangements that accommodate 16-70 guests. 

Reservations & Info:
Contact Alexandra Aviles at [email protected] or Anne Mesquita at [email protected] to reserve Room 203, 522 or 523.

Buell Hall, a brick building housing the Maison Francais on Columbia University's campus.
Buell Hall

The East Gallery at Buell Hall has a built-in stage and can seat 50-120 guests. 

Reservations & Info:
Contact Shanny Peer at [email protected].

A statue of Thomas Jefferson stands at the front of the Columbia Journalism School
Columbia Journalism School

Choose from a variety of spaces that accommodate up to 300 guests. Venues include the Joseph D. Jamail Lecture Hall, the World Room, and classrooms.

Reservations & Info
Contact Julie Pozo-Cepeda at [email protected] or [email protected].

Seating in the CUIMC Alumni Auditorium
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

CUIMC is home to seven versatile event spaces that feature seating to accommodate 130-648 guests.

Reservations & Info:
For the Alumni Auditorium and its Lobby, Hammer Sciences, Russ Berrie Conference Rooms and CUMC Classrooms, reserve online or contact Graham Geoffrey Stout at [email protected].

For the Faculty Club, contact Michael Alberto at [email protected].

For the Winter Garden at the Children's Hospital, contact Ana Furnari at [email protected].

The entrance to the Dodge Fitness Center at Columbia - a student hurries to the entrance with his backpack on his back.
Dodge Fitness Center

Columbia University's Dodge Fitness Center for physical education and recreation offers gymnasium and lounge space. 

Reservations & Info:
For Levian Gym or Lisa Conroy Room, contact Jeff Ryder at [email protected].
For Lou Gehrig Lounge, contact Erich Ely at [email protected].

Photo of the Forum at Columbia University
The Forum

Located on the corner of 125th Street and Broadway, The Forum is a multi-use venue that serves as a unique community gathering space. Rental spaces include a 438-seat conference auditorium and adjoining foyer, four meeting rooms, and a terrace.

Reservations & Info:
Contact their team at [email protected].

The Italian Academy at Columbia University building in the sunlight.
Italian Academy

The Italian Academy offers multiple rooms ideal for collaborative events. Venues include the Library, Salone, and Teatro, with seating capacities ranging from 65 to 197 guests. 

Reservations & Info:
Contact Rick Whitaker at [email protected].

Green trees line the courtyard outside of Jerome Greene Hall
Jerome Greene Hall

Part of Columbia Law School, Jerome Greene Hall houses four event spaces featuring seating to accommodate 10-180 guests. Venues include the Jerome Greene Annex and the Jerome Greene Hall, Case Lounge and First Floor Auditoriums.

Reservations & Info:
Contact [email protected].

Lights are mounted on either side of the glass door to enter Miller Theater
Miller Theater

Orchestra and balcony seating offer a combined capacity of 688 guests.

Reservations & Info:
Reserve the space online or contact Taylor Riccio at [email protected].

Exterior of Philosophy Hall
Philosophy Hall

The Third Floor of Philosophy Hall seats 125-200 guests.

References & Info:
Contact Ann Madigan at [email protected].

Robert Kraft Center
Robert Kraft Center

The Robert Kraft Center encompasses several unique spaces with capacities to accommodate 10-300 guests. Venues include the Café, Terrace, Auditorium, Rennert Hall, classrooms, and boardrooms

Reservations & Info:
Contact James Levin at [email protected].

SIPA eRoom with projector
School of International and Public Affairs

SIPA features a variety of event spaces with capacities ranging from 25 to 398 guests. Venues include Altschul Auditorium and the Kellogg Center, as well as the Kellogg Center Foyer, rooms 1510 and 1512, and the Dag Hammarskjold Room.

Reservations & Info:
For Altschul Auditorium, contact Event Management at [email protected].

For the Kellogg Center, the Foyer, rooms 1510 and 1512, or the Dag Hammarskjold Room, contact Micaela Lee Ordahl at [email protected]

School of Social work as seen opposite the street on Amsterdam Avenue, beautifully lit in the sun.
School of Social Work

The School of Social Work offers multiple classroom and meeting spaces with seating capacities between 70 and 200 guests. 

Reservations & Info:
Contact [email protected].

Schapiro CEPSR
Schapiro CEPSR

Home to the Davis Auditorium, with capacities accommodating 100-196 guests.

The Carleton Cafeteria located in Mudd Hall is accessible via Skybridge.

Reservations & Info:
Make reservations online, or contact Dave Simpson at [email protected] to reserve the Carleton Cafeteria and Marie Pierre Murry at [email protected] to reserve Davis Auditorium.

Outside William and June Warren Hall
William and June Warren Hall

William and June Warren Hall features two event spaces that can be reserved together or separately to accommodate 48-200 guests. Venues include the Lobby and Feldberg Lounge.

Reservations & Info:
Contact [email protected]