Filming on Campus


Columbia University has been the backdrop to a number of Hollywood blockbusters, rich independent films, important documentaries, popular television shows and advertising productions, including: Ghostbusters, Spiderman, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Hulk, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Awakenings, Downtown Express, Men In Black, Premium Rush, Law and Order, Gossip Girl, Malcolm X, Hitch, Still Alice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Post.

Complete the corresponding application to request permission to film on campus.

Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd in Ghostbusters, with Low Library in the background.

(Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd in "Ghostbusters". Courtesy: Columbia Magazine)

Filming at Columbia

Review the information below to familiarize yourself with Columbia's policies related to filming, learn more about our popular shoot locations, and begin the process of applying for approval to film on campus.

(Photo credit: Columbia Magazine)

Julianne Moore in Still Alice, filmed at Columbia
Julianne Moore in Still Alice, filmed at Columbia
University Event Policy

Familiarize yourself with Columbia's Events Policy, which includes guidelines for both commercial films, documentaries and news features, as well as student films.

Barbra Streisand filming at Columbia
Barbra Streisand, courtesy Columbia Magazine
Locations & Timing

A sample of some of the most popular filming locations at Columbia along with recommendations for when to get the most out of your shoot.

William Hurt filming at Columbia
William Hurt, courtesy Columbia Magazine

Review our step-by-step processes for both commercial and student filming at Columbia.

Will Smith shooting at Columbia
Will Smith, courtesy Columbia Magazine
Production Fees

An overview of fees associated with shooting commercial films at Columbia. (Fees do not apply to student films.)

Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier
Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier, courtesy Columbia Magazine
Apply to Shoot Commercial Film

Submit an application for permission to shoot commercial film at Columbia.

Toby Maguire
Toby Maguire, courtesy Columbia Magazine
Apply to Shoot a Student Film

Apply to shoot a student film project at Columbia. (School of the Arts students enrolled in the Graduate Film Program should begin the request process here instead)