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Columbia Event Management is the primary organization at Columbia University to support event planning and execution. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to support you. We manage a variety of on-campus event venues, including Lerner Hall, Low Library, Saint Paul’s Chapel, and Faculty House. Learn more about our promise to the clients with whom we work and the community in which we are a part.

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Columbia University Event Management
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Team Directory:

  • Self-employed as a music producer and studio owner for over 30 years, Steve brings an entrepreneurial spirit to Event Management. He has designed, built and operated three recording studios in New York City and has a dogged commitment to quality and customer service. Never satisfied with mediocrity, Steve strives for every endeavor to be succinct and executed flawlessly. 

  • A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Scott’s passion for the hospitality industry extends beyond the dining room. As General Manager of Faculty House Scott oversees hundreds of events each year ranging from weddings and social events to student groups and corporate functions. Scott loves the family feel provided by the Columbia Community and the ability to interact with every client that comes to Faculty House.

    Before joining Columbia, Scott worked for the prestigious Harvard Club of New York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was able to build his culinary knowledge while working in the kitchens of The Park Avenue Café in New York City and Knickerbocker Country Club in New Jersey.

  • Sanjay brings to the table 27 years of versatile hospitality experience, planning and executing events ranging from large conventions to galas and weddings. He enjoys producing customized offerings, using locally sourced vendors and foods. Sanjay is passionate about collaborating with events and meeting planners within and outside Columbia University. Before joining Columbia, Sanjay worked with Hyatt, Hilton, Millennium and Hotel Plaza Athénée in New York City. Columbia event management supports over 35K events a year for student groups, industry events, meetings and more.

  • Chef Mike is responsible for the overall operations and culinary experience at Columbia University. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, he grew up in a home where good food was integral to daily life. He started cooking himself at an early age and later pursued his professional culinary degree at Johnson and Wales University for Culinary Arts in Providence, RI. His experience includes the Intercontinental Hotel in New York City, where he also traveled the hotel’s Asia network; Corporate Foods providing service to clients like Citibank, US Today, and Entertainment Weekly; and Fordham University where he served as the Dining Services Executive Chef for 18 years. 

  • A driven Chef who thrives on challenges, Leo Michel crafts innovative dishes to complement each event. He instills in others a passion for excellent cuisine, inspiring his team to pursue perfection. His discipline for the arts can be attributed to the French Culinary Institute and the mentorship of several renowned culinarians. Leo offers more than three decades of experience in the hotel industry and executive dining.

  • Emerald has been a part of the Event Management team since 2011. In her role as Director, she oversees the events planning team and helps to lead social events and support campus event organizers, including notables like World Leader's Forum, Commencement, and New Student Orientation. Emerald's extensive experience and understanding of how to execute events on Columbia's campus provides an invaluable service to her clients.

    Emerald is a graduate of Columbia’s School of the Arts and uses her creative background to ensure that every campus event is memorable and unique. Born and raised in Connecticut, Emerald began her career in commercial real estate before she moved to New York City and transitioned to event planning. The most exciting part of her work is the very beginning stage, when she learns about an event organizer's vision and how she can help bring it to life. Outside of her work, Emerald enjoys baking, her specialty is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.







  • David has been with Columbia for over 10 years, having first joined the university as General Manager of Faculty House. In his current role, David oversees events of all sizes and varieties across the Columbia campus. With his extensive knowledge in managing luxury properties around New York City, David provides a critical eye and looks to continue to elevate the guest experience at the thousands of events he oversees each year.  

    David holds a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from Johnson and Wales University. Before joining Columbia, David gained operational experience at The Drake Swiss Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton and The Righa Hotel as well as serving as Assistant General Manager of the famed Club Macanudo.

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