Supporting a Greener Campus & Planet

Columbia University is committed to achieving the highest standards for a green campus as outlined in the University's sustainability plans on the Sustainable Columbia website. Below are some examples how Event Management is doing all it can to build on operational sustainability initiatives to support Columbia’s mission.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

water pitcher

Reduction, reuse, and recycling of water are critical to our catering operations. Learn more about how our new drinking water system helps Columbia to reduce carbon emissions and waste, reuse water carafes, and minimize the need to recycle plastic bottles.

charcuterie board
Locally Grown

Event Management places a preference on the seasonal foods grown within our area to support local farmers and the economy. Learn more about how the culinary team creates unique menus that vary depending on what the farms yield in a given season.

citrus and burrata plated

Linenless tables, reduced disposables, and compost: Event Management recognizes that catering packaging has an impact on the environment. Learn about the team's commitment through continuous assessment of its operating procedures to take measures to reduce or neutralize its carbon footprint.


Starter dish on the Sustainable Living Menu
Sustainable Living Menu

Inspired by work with the Earth Institute, Event Management is excited to offer a Sustainable Living menu curated to feature local ingredients, focusing on vegan and vegetarian options. Menu selections are updated frequently to reflect fresh and seasonal options.