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Columbia's sustainability plan, Plan 2030, commits to align with New York City’s goal of sending zero waste to landfill by 2030. Through continual waste diversion efforts, seeking strategic procurement partnerships, and the facilitation of sustainable events, Faculty House is helping Columbia get there.

Helping Create a Greener Today & Tomorrow

Below are just some of the initiatives, projects and improvements we have undertaken at Event Management:

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Water Conservation

Integrated energy-efficient and water-conserving utilities, appliances, fixtures and insulation.

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Air Quality

Energy-efficient HVAC systems, ensuring pure, high-quality air within our event spaces.

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Going Virtual

Our dedicated Audio-Visual team has been trained in multiple web-based meeting applications allowing for hybrid/virtual live stream solutions eliminating the need for in-person attendance and the associated travel.

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Menu Engineering

Our menus are designed and regularly updated with a focus on prioritizing local and seasonal produce to reduce food miles, selecting MSC certified seafood and prohibiting use of endangered seafood species, and ensuring meat and poultry products adhere to ethical treatment guidelines from farm to butchery to final delivery.

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Reuse, Not Refuse

Restored original details, repurposed old materials, donated used equipment and recycled construction waste.

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Going Paperless

We are reducing paper consumption by introducing digital signage, eliminating dated materials, posting menus online and providing digital surveys

Learn more about Faculty House's efforts to support sustainability and a greener future.


Green Vendor Partnerships

Our goal is to support suppliers with a demonstrated commitment to a diverse workforce and environmentally friendly practices. Learn more about how our vendors Sysco, Satur Farms, and White Plains Linen are committed to sustainability.

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Locally Grown

Event Management places a preference on the seasonal foods grown within our area to support local farmers and the economy. Learn more about how the culinary team creates unique menus that vary depending on what the farms yield in a given season.


Composting and Recycling

By prioritizing responsible waste management practices, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint. We have shown our commitment by placing multi-stream recycling stations throughout managed buildings, adopting the exclusive use of compostable single use disposables, managing portion sizes to lower food waste in the kitchen and on consumer plates, and composting organic waste in our kitchens

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Sustainable Living Menu

Inspired by work with the Earth Institute, Event Management is excited to offer a Sustainable Living menu curated to feature local ingredients, focusing on vegan and vegetarian options. Menu selections are updated frequently to reflect fresh and seasonal options.