How to Reserve Spaces & Services for Faculty & Staff

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to reserve space and request services using our Event Management System (EMS). If you do not have an EMS account, refer to this page for more information and the process for requesting one. All faculty & staff with EMS accounts should use EMS rather than the forms on our website to submit requests.

If you do not plan to submit requests frequently, or need to submit a request prior to obtaining an account because of time constraints, you may use the forms here on our website instead:

  • Request a Quote: Use to submit a request to reserve a space within one of our venues. This form does not include options to request catering or AV/Technical Services. Please submit the relevant forms below to request those services.
  • Catering Services Request: Use this form to request catering services. This form can be used to request catering services in a space you've reserved with us, or at an outside venue.
  • AV/Technical Services Request: Use this form to request AV/technical services. This form can be used to request AV/technical services in a space you've reserved with us, or at an outside venue.

Requesting Space & Services Using EMS

1) Log-in to EMS

Log-in to EMS using the user name and password provided by the Event Management team. (Need an account? Click here.)

2) Review the Welcome Screen for Important Messages

Whenever there is an update to EMS or any other important message, it will be posted to the Welcome screen that first appears when you log-in. Make sure to scan this page for announcements that may impact your event.

Event Management System welcome screen.

Step 3: Browse Locations

By clicking Locations in the left hand menu, you can view all our available spaces, along with when they are booked or available. Adjust the dates at the top of the screen to view available for a specific time period. If you know the name of the space you are looking to reserve, you can use the Find a Room Search function to locate it quickly. 

Browser locations in EMS

Step 4: View Space Details 

Clicking on the name of the space you are interested in will display a pop-up window showing details for that space including maximum occupancy, possible configurations for the space, available features and more. 

View space details.

Step 5: Create a Reservation

To begin the process of reserving a space, click on Create a Reservation in the left-hand menu, and then click Book Now for the option that is relevant to the space or services you are looking to reserve. (Please note: It is recommended to review all applicable policies for the venue/space you are looking to reserve prior to submitting your request.)

Your options are:

  • Catering/Linens: Catering services and linens can be requested for any space on campus, whether it is one of our venues or not. In those cases, choose this option to request Catering as a standalone service without a space request.
  • Lerner, Low Library or Outdoor SpacesChoose this option to start a reservation request for space within one of these venues. You will be able to add catering and/or AV/Technical resources within the space request.
  • Tech Services Request: If you need audio/visual or technical services as a standalone services without also putting in a space request, choose this option.
  • The ForumChoose this option to start a reservation request for space at The Forum. You will be able to add catering and/or AV/Technical resources within the space request.
Create a Reservation

Step 6: Select Room/Space

Update the date and times in the left hand menu and enter the number of attendees you expect. Then use the Let Me Search For Search For A Room function to perform a keyword search, or the I Know What Room I Want function which will reveal a dropdown list of venues, and a field for entering the room you want to reserve. Once the room is selected, click Next Step to proceed.

Select a room or space

Step 7: Choose Services if Needed

On this screen click on the options to the left to choose the services you want to add to your request. When finished, click Next Step.

Choose Services

Step 8: Enter Request Details & Create Request

On this last screen, enter all required information, including Event Name and Event Contact. When finished, click the Create Request button at the top right of the screen to submit your request to the Event Management team. Someone from our team will follow up within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Add request details and create request.