Lerner Hall Roone Arledge Auditorium Guidelines


In addition to University Event Policy and Lerner Hall Building Policy, events and productions in the Roone Arledge Auditorium must comply with the guidelines outlined here.

These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of event participants as well as of the venue space itself.


  • Food and beverages are not permitted onstage.
  • Anything that might damage the stage or the curtains is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: paint, glitter, and liquids of any kind (including water).
  • There are no candles, flash pots or smoke machines allowed anywhere in the auditorium. The smoke detectors are extremely sensitive, and such devices will set them off.
  • All props, set pieces and costumes must be removed at the end of the production. Anything left onstage will be thrown away.  You are responsible for removing and disposing all debris from set construction or set strike.
  • No changes to the house plot are permitted. Any additional fixtures must be restored at strike.
  • Select one person as the technical point person (the stage manager, the producer, or the designer) to converse with the Technical Services Director about technical needs. In order for clear communication to be maintained, there needs to be one point of contact between your organization and the Event Management staff.
  • Anything that is flown onstage must be fireproofed and proof of such must be furnished prior to your event.
  • There is no smoking anywhere in the building.
  • Open flames are not permitted.
  • All load-ins must be made from the stage left service ramp. Make sure that any set pieces will fit through standard double doors. The service entrance is at 114th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam.
  • Unless they have permission from the Technical Services Director, no one is permitted to operate Lerner equipment--this includes the fly system, the sound equipment, and the light board.
  • You are responsible for any damage incurred during your production. This includes but is not limited to: paint, water, or damage to curtains.