President & Provost's Fund

The President and Provost's Student Event Fund (P&P Fund) is available to all recognized Columbia University student groups. The fund provides financial support to events which benefit the University community through collaboration and creative programming on campus.



Each term the P&P Fund committee is charged with awarding funds to those applications that best meet the goals of the P&P Fund. The fund is administered by Event Management. The committee members include designated representatives from the governing boards of the university student community.


  • The initiative must occur during the eligibility period.
  • The initiative should be organized and hosted by a recognized student group(s) in good standing with the university.
  • The initiative should be held on campus (Morningside or Medical Center).
  • The initiative should be advertised and open to the University community.
  • The initiative may be artistic, cultural, educational, or social.
  • Funds awarded may only be applied to event as described on application.


Download the P&P Fund application and submit by the stated deadline (the Friday after the last day of classes for the semester). The deadline is final and will not be extended. There is no appeal process. 

All recipients will be notified by email with follow-up instructions including a description of the documentation needed before the transfer of funds can take place. A follow-up meeting to discuss your group's event and eligible expenditures is required. Recipients (except Barnard College, Teachers College and College of Physicians and Surgeons) must have a University account number in good standing for the transfer of funds to occur.

If you have a question about the P&P Fund, please send an email to [email protected].