Emerald Currie

Emerald has been a part of the Event Management team since 2011. In her role as Director, she oversees the events planning team and helps to lead social events and support campus event organizers, including notables like World Leader's Forum, Commencement, and New Student Orientation. Emerald's extensive experience and understanding of how to execute events on Columbia's campus provides an invaluable service to her clients.

Emerald is a graduate of Columbia’s School of the Arts and uses her creative background to ensure that every campus event is memorable and unique. Born and raised in Connecticut, Emerald began her career in commercial real estate before she moved to New York City and transitioned to event planning. The most exciting part of her work is the very beginning stage, when she learns about an event organizer's vision and how she can help bring it to life. Outside of her work, Emerald enjoys baking, her specialty is pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.