Advance Calendaring

Advance Calendaring is only for events to be held in Lerner Hall by recognized student groups more than a semester in the future. The Advance Calendaring request period for Fall 2020 events has closed.

What is Advance Calendaring?

Under certain circumstances, recognized student groups may schedule events in Lerner Hall more than one semester ahead. Typically up to 4 advance calendaring requests are approved per semester. To qualify the event must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • The event must be scheduled in advance with an outside organization (not part of University).
  • The event requires that hotel and travel arrangements be made for numerous attendees from outside the New York area.
  • The event features a speaker/performer with whom arrangements must be made far in advance.

How to Submit an Advance Calendaring Request

  • Complete the Student Event Advance Calendaring Form.
  • A committee will review and decide on the pool of requests on a rolling basis and all decisions will be made prior to the start of Pre-Calendaring period.
  • If approved, the student group and advisor will meet with Event Management to identify the event date.
  • An Advance Calendaring event is not confirmed until the final date is determined by Event Management.

Should group leaders have any questions, they may reach out to Josh Lucas at [email protected].