Low Library Faculty Room

Faculty Room at Low Library

About the Space:

Appointed as the Faculty Room in 1964 for meetings and receptions, the space was originally designed as the Law Library. The Faculty Room has a dramatic high ceiling and windows that look out on upper campus. The room has a built in screen for presentations.

On display here is a selection of ceramics and sculptures made in China, Korea, and Japan, dating back 2,000 years, representing a small portion of gifts of art presented to Columbia's Art Properties collection from donors such as Frank Michaelian, Marshall Page, and Arthur M. Sackler.

Who Can Book This Venue:

Faculty Room is only available to Columbia affiliates.

Recognized student groups wishing to request space in Low Library should contact the student events team. Requests for undergraduate alcohol events will be decided on a case by case basis following close consultation between the group advisor, our team, and additional stakeholders as warranted.

Recommended Uses:

Good for information sessions, breakout sessions, lectures, panel discussions, breakfasts, lunches, dinners or as a green room.

Room Configurations

Our spaces can be configured in a number of ways to suit your event style. Below are the dimensions for this space and its maximum occupancy levels for a variety of setups. Your event planner will help you determine the ideal configuration.

  • Room Dimensions: 109' x 83'
  • Maximum Occupancy: 50-225
  • Occupancy by event setup type:
    • Banquet: 120
    • Reception: 225
    • Theater: 200
    • U-Shape: 50
    • Conference: 56
    • Classroom: 80

Additional configuration information and details about Low Library spaces is available in our downloadable Fact Sheet.

Physical Distancing Configurations

Because we know that in our current environment safety is critical, we've planned ahead with several layouts for this room that comply with public health guidelines for physical distancing. We'll post these as soon as they're available!


Photo Gallery:

Below is a gallery of additional photos of this space.